Welcome to our Brand New Website!

So amazingly we originally created this website, www.nigelpugh.com over 12 years ago!

And yes I’m a little embarrassed to admit it has remained pretty static since the day we first created it. You see when we first punched the domain it was pretty much intended to be just a place holder for my name, and a method for creating emails with my full name as the body for the email.

Also when we first created this site we were using the tools provided by our ISP – 1&1 Internet, and back then the wide range of editing tools we have today just didn’t exist, so we crafted a really very basic website with the tools provided by 1&1, which then was a graphic editing tool called Website Builder.

Today of course – here in August 2020 the world is a very different place, and we now have a range of very powerful editing tools available to allow us to create visually stunning websites and add lots of content and features.

Also back in 2009 when my Son Tom was born, I also decided to create a personal website for him, and once again that was created in 1&1 Website Builder, and again has remained static for over 11 years.

So in the same process I am also updating Toms website. So toms website www.tompugh.co.uk has also had a quick update too.

For this website, ie www.nigelpugh.com, I have decided to use the same tools, so as with our main website for our business, www.impactaerial.co.uk we have also created this website in the latest version of WordPress.

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